"I have been an FBI agent for 23 years and I have seen a lot of presenters, but I can honestly say that Ms.Nagy and her presentation was the utmost best presentation I have ever seen during my entire career. I will never forget what I learned today. Every agent should hear her speak."


Pittsburgh, West Virginia, US, FBI 

"Ms. Nagy has keynoted thousands of conferences. Her core message is survival, hope and happiness. She inspired hundreds of thousands of people across North America. Her audience feels captivated, touched, moved and motivated after her presentations."

Instructor/Director of Content Development

at Timea's Cause Inc. 

2-3 Days Workshops by Timea's Cause Inc.

Community Building 

for Service Providers+ Police

Train the Trainer

for Youth workers, Teachers, Children's Aids


Women's issues, Women and Children Foundations, Animal shelters, Cancer, Mental Health, Poverty, Child welfare, Housing, Woman business associations, Art/Music


Businesses, Women in business, Business Associations, Startups, Financial Institutions, Hospitality, Tourism, HR and more. 

Bread with Fat spread and red onion

Timea at the age of 17, Assistant directing

Yo-zsefvaros, by Animal Cannibals, in Budapest,


2019  Timea's Cause Inc.

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