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Public Speaking


Timea's keynote style will make your audience feel as though they got on an emotional roller coaster that they don't want to get off of. Timea will make them feel emotions they haven't felt in a very long time. She will reunite your audience with their own sense of purpose, inspiration, and will help to remind them of why they are on this planet.


Timea has been invited to deliver motivational, inspirational speeches to Head of States of German Speaking countries, Presidents, Kings and Queens, Bankers, Lawmakers, Celebrities, Celebrity sports players, Law Enforcement, Charities, and Frontline workers, to name a few. 

Timea's story and vivid storytelling style can cheer up any audience, sector, or group regardless of background, culture, political or religious views.

Timea is a seasoned speaker who makes her audience laugh, cry, and feel emotions they haven't felt in a long time. She has presented in front of notable celebrities such as Jamie Fox, Wayne Newton, Adam Laroche, and more. Her story, accent, and down-to-earth personality will put your audience at ease the minute she starts talking. She can read her audience, become "one" with their emotions, and take them on an inspirational, emotional, uplifting journey like they have never been on before.

Jamie Foxx August 9 2_edited.jpg
I met Ashley Judd at an event, she was a
Mr Newton and Mrs Newton_edited.jpg

"At times, I couldn't decide If I was laughing or crying because I thought it was happening simultaneously. Timea was the most uplifting Keynote speaker I have seen in many years. Her sense of humour, authenticity, and timing was nothing short of a miracle. She is most definitely over delivered on her promise. Which was to keep our audience engaged and reignite the fire and purpose for them to continue on their journey to serve people with grace."

- International Association of Women Police



  • How to survive a tragic event and find your purpose and thrive?

  • The way out of victimhood to a healthy and happy life

  • Finding your purpose


  • Government 

  • Charities/Not-for-Profits

  • Banks/Financial Sector

  • Tech Companies

  • Corporations

  • Law Enforcement

  • Social Service Providers 

  • Hospitality

  • Transportation

  • Aviation

My Approach
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